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“What is a Virtual Assistant?”
“What is the difference between an Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) and other Virtual Assistants?”
“Who are our clients?”
“What are the advantages for me to use TopTalent Executive Virtual Assistants?”
“How do I know if I need the services TopTalent offers?”
“What else does TopTalent offer? “
“How will I determine what tasks to assign to TopTalent?”
“Still not sure?”
“How do I work with TopTalent?”
“How do I communicate and share information with TopTalent?”
“How will you keep my information secure?”
“Will I have a contract?”
“How will I be billed for the TopTalent EVA services?”
“How will I pay for services?”
“What days/hours are you available?”
“I have more questions – can we talk?”
“I want to hire you – what next?”
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